Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's July...where did the time go???

So it's July and what have I done with my life and those goals I had set for myself at the beginning of the year?

This year so far has been tough - in more ways than one. The private gym did not work out for me, they were big into supplementing everything and I was not willing to spend the rest of my life taking supplements (nor was my bank account willing to dish out the $400/mth just for the supplements). It's too bad but what can you do?

At the end of February I found myself sick - and not in a normal way or with some of the normal ailments that obese individuals have to fight (ie. diabetes, heart problems, etc). I ended up with terrible headaches, so much so that I could not lift my head off the pillow and constant double vision. As it turns out, after being diagnosed with Intracranial Hypertension (increased pressure in the fluid around the brain) and trying to rule out all other causes of the onset of this - the Neurologist and Opthamologist determined that it was because of my weight. A lumbar puncture, 4.5 weeks off of work and waiting for the pressure to subside, I am finally feeling much, much better. I was floored by the diagnosis and the reason - I never even considered that I could lose my eyesight or be bed ridden with unbearable headaches because of my size.

So what did I do with it? At 268 lbs it was a lot to take in. While sick, I lost 19 lbs - good start (although the medication is to blame). The specialist also sent me to a weight-loss specialist and that program has really helped as well. Today, I am 224 lbs - down 44lbs!!! I will take it, I wish it hadn't been a health scare that finally pushed me over the edge but I feel better knowing that I am doing stuff to combat my health (apparently there is no determining whether the pressure will build back up or not - the best thing to do is to keep losing weight and hopefully decrease the chances of that happening).

As for my goals for the year:

1. Get healthy - on my way!
2. Lose 100lbs - almost half way there!
3. Fit into the hoodie my husband gave me for Christmas - I went on vacation to Alberta last week (a very active vacation at that) and look what I wore! Comfortably I might add!

4. Stop drinking pop - No pop since March 1st - I am craving it like crazy but the medication that I am on makes carbonated drinks taste like metal. I guess that's lucky for me!
5. Exercise at least 4 days per week - I am no where with this one - it is definitely the next thing that I have to work on. No excuses!

I was also re-reading some of my other posts on this blog - not that there are a lot! But I chuckled at the Bus seat comments - I still think of that. Last week when I was on the plane, I could actually buckle the seat belt and pull it tight with quite a bit of seat belt left over at the end - I haven't seen that in forever! Other people might not even think of something as little as that but it was a huge non-scale victory for me!!

I think I need to start actually updating this blog more frequently...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 1

Well Week 1 is over...crappy week! I had been sick with the stomach flu and did not do much of anything this week. No excuse I know but what can you do? My plan is to weigh and do measurements tomorrow and get started! I also plan on calling the new gym on Monday so that I can set up my first session! It is so time to get back at it...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year - New Me...

Well, it has definitely been awhile...

To say things have been crazy and completely uncontrollable over the last year or so would be an understatement. But no excuses...

I have managed to balloon to the highest weight that I have ever been and it is not pretty at all. I need to figure out how to get back on track and how to make this change in me. For Christmas, my best friend and my husband decided to get me a small personal training and nutrition package at a private gym - I am excited and scared all at the same time. My husband managed to give me an insight into myself that I had not really thought about before now - when we were discussing the new gym, he said to me that he thought it wasn't about me being worried about a "women's only" gym or whatever, it wasn't about me being self conscious in front of other men but it was about me being self conscious in general. He's right. I think it is definitely something that I will need to work on.

So, it's a new year and I am determined to become a new me! What are my goals for the new year? I need to write them down and be accountable. I have a few small ones and some over arching larger ones:

1. Get healthy!
2. Lose 100 lbs (I know this seems drastic but a safe weight loss is up to 2 lbs per week - achievable).
3. Fit into the new hoodie my husband was kind enough to buy for me...
4. Stop drinking pop - Coca Cola is my downfall - it's my biggest weakness.
5. Exercise at least 4 days/week.

What are your goals?? What will you undertake this year?

Happy 2011!!!