Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year - New Me...

Well, it has definitely been awhile...

To say things have been crazy and completely uncontrollable over the last year or so would be an understatement. But no excuses...

I have managed to balloon to the highest weight that I have ever been and it is not pretty at all. I need to figure out how to get back on track and how to make this change in me. For Christmas, my best friend and my husband decided to get me a small personal training and nutrition package at a private gym - I am excited and scared all at the same time. My husband managed to give me an insight into myself that I had not really thought about before now - when we were discussing the new gym, he said to me that he thought it wasn't about me being worried about a "women's only" gym or whatever, it wasn't about me being self conscious in front of other men but it was about me being self conscious in general. He's right. I think it is definitely something that I will need to work on.

So, it's a new year and I am determined to become a new me! What are my goals for the new year? I need to write them down and be accountable. I have a few small ones and some over arching larger ones:

1. Get healthy!
2. Lose 100 lbs (I know this seems drastic but a safe weight loss is up to 2 lbs per week - achievable).
3. Fit into the new hoodie my husband was kind enough to buy for me...
4. Stop drinking pop - Coca Cola is my downfall - it's my biggest weakness.
5. Exercise at least 4 days/week.

What are your goals?? What will you undertake this year?

Happy 2011!!!

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