Monday, August 17, 2009

The Bus

So, I was on the WW boards last week one day and someone posted about their NSV (non-scale victory) of fitting into a seat on the bus - that is, not having their butt be so wide that it touches the person next to them. I thought, wow, that is definitely something that I would like to accomplish!

I moved to Ottawa in January and prior to that, I had never really taken any form of public transportation. I thought it was funny that I understood exactly how that poster felt. I feel that whenever I get onto the bus, the passengers are screaming, "please don't let the fat girl sit by me!". And, when I'm actually sitting on the bus and others get on, they walk right past and avoid sitting by the fat girl. There are days I just want to be invisible. It's embarrassing. I don't even think people realize that that's what they are thinking at times, but it totally is. I'm just as guilty of it as the next person. I find myself strategically picking a seat on the bus - 1) to make me more comfortable and 2) to try not to inconvenience the other passengers too much.

Why am I talking about this? Because I think that this is my new goal - I want to lose enough weight to fit properly into a seat on the bus. Not that I don't fit now but whenever I sit by someone, they have to move a little to avoid contact. And, if someone sits by me, I find myself trying to fit into the smallest amount of space I can possibly fit into (which isn't very small!). I want to be able to get on the bus and sit comfortably and not have anyone move. I don't want to have to avoid contact with people - I just want it to happen naturally - because I'm a good (average) weight.

So, that is my goal. I will be measuring my success against how often I have to move to try to get comfortable on the bus! How's that for a weightloss goal?

As an aside, WI on Friday went well - I was down another 2.5lbs! But, like I said, I celebrated with food - Mediterranean Vegetarian pizza. And, ofcourse, I had to eat the leftovers on Saturday. I'm not sure how I'm going to get away from these food rewards...

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