Thursday, August 13, 2009

Weigh-In Tomorrow...

So tomorrow is weigh-in (WI) day and I'm not super sure what the scale is going to say. I am hoping for a loss but who knows really?

It's funny how my life has come down to worrying about what the scale will say each Friday at lunch time. And, I know how I'll react either way to whatever the number is. If it is up - I will do as I did last week and have food to drown my sorrows (can you say Big Mac Combo?). If it is down - I will have food to celebrate my success. Even though I recognize the "issue" here, I still want to do the same thing - eat!

I'm not sure why my relationship with food is so disfunctional. I've spent this week thinking about why that might be and I haven't figured it out. I'm sure it will take me quite some time to decide why that is. I guess for now my plan is to try to curb those feelings of needing/wanting to eat for any reason that I can think up.

Wish me luck tomorrow - I hope it's a celebration feast that I will be having!!

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